The VJ-101 D design study
Double seated strike aircraft with five lift engines behind the cockpit and two cruise engines in the rear fuselage usable for VTOL by thrust deflectors. 
wing span:
  6.90 m
675 x 450, 32k 
  4.58 m
fuselage lenght:
18.73 m
take-off weight :
about 14000 kg
The Advanced V/STOL Tactical Fighter Weapon System AVS
Design study for an F-104 successor with V/STOL capability as a result of an US-German joint venture between Entwicklungsring Süd GmbH and Fairchild Hiller Republic Aviation Division.
675 x 450, 29k
675 x 550, 33k 
675 x 450, 30k
A 400 design study from the EWR.
Comparison between VJ-101C, TF-104G and the AVS.
Cutaway drawing of the AVS.
From AVS to Tornado
Finally, all these V/STOL activities affected the European MRCA (Multi-Role-Combat-Aircraft) project which started in 1968.
675 x 500, 26k 
675 x 500, 24k 
675 x 475, 41k 
The EWR A 400 design study.
Early MRCA-design (single-seater).
The MRCA Panavia Tornado today.