Aircraft from WtD 61 Manching
The Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 61 in Manching near Ingolstadt in the north of Munich is the Luftwaffe test center for aircraft. After the German reunion former NVA-aircraft manufactured in the Sowjetunion were extensively flight-tested by WtD 61 pilots.

Pictures were taken 1995 during an unofficial presentation of the Eurofighter 2000 in flight. The former NVA-aircraft now show Luftwaffe-markings, weapon systems are removed.
Static display line with
Mig-23, Su-22, F-4F, Mi-24

800 x 500, 48k

800 x 500, 49k

800 x 500, 49k
Su-22 Fitter

800 x 500, 53k

800 x 500, 59k

800 x 500, 54k
Mig-23 Flogger and Mi-24 Hind

800 x 500, 65k

800 x 500, 64k

800 x 500, 59k
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