Super Guppy

A Photo Story
On Tuesday, August 27th 1996 an Airbus Super-Guppy landed on the former airforce base Neubiberg in the south of Munich, Germany. Its mission was carrying an Airbus A330/A340 middle fuselage section back to Airbus in Toulouse, France. The fuselage section with the complete wing was in Munich for fatigue tests.
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Final landing approach.

Super-Guppy taxis along the runway. 

Super-Guppy stops at its parking position. 

The aircraft from the left in the evening. 

The nose door opens for loading. 

The nose is locked in a right angle to the fuselage.

Super-Guppy with opened nose door from behind. 

The cargo in front of the aircraft. 

The cargo: an A330/A340
middle fuselage section. 

Two mobile cranes lift the cargo ... 

... on the loading ramp. 

The cargo on the loading ramp ... 

... slowly enters the cargo bay. 

The whole scenery ... 

... from the front. 

The whole scenery from the right. 

The loading procedure from the back. 

Super-Guppy ready for take off. 

The nose door closes when the cargo is on board. 

Close up of the aircraft nose with cockpit. 

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A 300-600ST Beluga
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