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DASA-Rockwell X-31
HobbyModel Nr. 20  1/33 scale

The real aircraft:
The DASA-Rockwell X-31 is a downscaled version of a fighter design tailored to the needs of of the demonstrator goals and objectives. Its design considers both supersonic performance as required for beyond- visual- range (BVR) engagement as well as enhanced- fighter- maneuverability (EFM) features for close in combat in the same configuration.
The aircraft demonstrated technical feasibility and tactical capability of poststall maneuverability, agility improvement by thrust vectoring, fuselage aiming improvement by thrust vectoring and improved deceleration. The aircraft shows a canard configuration with  a single GE-F404 engine and  single-seat electronic cockpit. To reduce costs, many off-the-shelf components were used. Examples are: Canopy, ejection seat, engine: F-18. Tires, ruder pedals, fuel pumps: F-16. Wheels, brakes: Cessna Citation III, ...
Dimensions: Span: 7.3m, Length: 13.2m, Height: 4.6m.

For more informations about the research program visit the  NASA Dryden Flight Research Center 
The card model  (1/33 scale):
The X-31 from the Polish publisher Hobby Model comes with 6 DIN-A4 card sheets, some sketches and no more instructions. Detailing is basic for modern card models. Without repainting the left and right side of the fuselage looks different. Parts fitting is average. I decided to modify the landing flaps in a lowered position and rebuilt the air brakes in opened condition from scratch. The finished model looks right, but the cockpit area appears more like from an F-16 then an F-18 and the landing gear is too high. Dimensions are correct (length: 40 cm). As far as I know it is the only kit available from these unique aircraft. It fits perfectly into a 1/32 scale plastic model collection. You need a second look to notice the fact that these model is from paper, cardboard, overhead foil (canopy) and a little bit wire (gear, pitot head). I paid 10 DM, about 6$, for the kit.
The pics:
all pics 600 x 400, 26-40k
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